Sterling Premium Finance

An affordable way to finance your insurance premiums, while keeping your cash and credit line intact.

Benefits for Agents and Brokers

  • »Powerful, Flexible Solutions That Will Help Your Clients
  • »Increase Cash Flow For Your Clients And Yourselves
  • »Financial Benefits For Your Clients And You
  • »Better Collections
  • »Superior Service

Benefits for Borrowers

  • »Improve Your Cash Flow, Preserve Capital And Maintain Investments
  • »Enhance Your Accounting And Tax Advantages
  • »Make payments either by credit card or eCheck/ACH Debit through our secure website. *
  • »Set up a recurring eCheck/ACH Debit transaction to have your normal payments deducted automatically each month from your checking/savings account. *
  • »Superior Service

*Credit Card payments have a 3.75% convenience fee to cover our processing costs. Recurring ACH transactions have a convenience fee of $1.95 per transaction. One time ACH transactions have a convenience fee of $7.95.

Atlanta GA

About Us

Our Mission Statement

At Sterling we strive to provide our agents a fast, innovative and ethical solution to their needs. We concentrate on providing quality premium finance contracts. We have an experienced, creative and imaginative team ready to meet your finance needs.

Contact Us

365 Northridge Rd.
Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30350

Toll Free800-424-0132


You can make a one-time eCheck/ACH payment over the phone.

Please call 678-832-2111 during the business hours of 8am – 5pm EST. After regular business hours, you will be able to leave a message. Be sure to include your bank account and routing numbers, along with your Sterling Premium Finance account number and payment amount.

Please contact David Burgos at 678-832-2111 if you need help setting up your account, making a payment, changing the address on your account, or assistance with any other strictly premium finance related item.

If you need to request changes to your policy, including adding new lines, endorsements and/or cancellation, please contact your insurance agent.